• Taxation

    As Tax advisors with Offices in Heybridge and Bristol we work closely with our clients to ensure that they pay the minimum tax required by law.

  • Self Assessment

    We are specialists in income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, PAYE and will prepare accounts and Self Asssessment Tax Returns, VAT Returns and calculations regarding any Capital Gains or Inheritance tax situations, discuss their implications, run clients book keeping and payroll, if necessary, and advise as to tax payments and deadlines to meet HMRC requirements, we can also set up and deal with CIS Schemes for Contractors or PAYE Schemes for employers and prepare all Returns. We deal with the personal tax and self assessment of a variety of businesses, individuals and subcontractors including obtaining any repayments from HMRC.

  • Business Advice

    As with Self Assessment, the legal responsibility for correctly calculating any tax liability these days falls on the business owner.

    We understand the issues facing owner managed businesses and can prepare accounts, Corporation Tax and Annual Returns to be submitted in a timely fashion to HMRC and Companies House. We also calculate your Companies Tax Liability and any tax due on payments to yourself via PAYE or dividend, and advise as to deadlines and payments required to be made to HMRC.We can offer a range of business advice, as required, to all businesses.

  • VAT

    We can prepare clients VAT Returns, assist with VAT registration, advice on VAT planning, use of the appropriate scheme and negotiation with HMRC to minimise problems.

  • HMRC Investigations.

    An HMRC investigation can be a very stressful experience indeed and these are often now picked up by HMRC on a “sample basis”. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with tax investigations and can help in negotiating with HMRC and also through the whole process.We will correspond with HMRC on your behalf and negotiate with them regarding any particular issues. Again, we have a wealth of experience in this area.